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don't neglect your creative side!

We were designed to create.

Art Studio Wall

We care about art.

We also care about you!

Benefits of doing art:

art relieves stress.

Art develops problem-solving abilities.

Art promotes brain elasticity.

Art builds fine motor skills.

art is for all ages and abilities.

Art is fun!


find your class...

Find a Class...

art for kids

For ages 1-12 years

Art for Tiny Tots

Art for Kids

Selva Fine Art for Kids

Kids Night Out


art for teens

Ages 13-18 years

Weekly classes



Art for adults

Ages 18 +


Paint & Wine Events


art parties

All Ages!

Art Birthday Parties

Private Paint Parties

meet the Staff

Elsa DeChristopher


Hey there!

I am Elsa, an artist, art instructor and the owner of Selva Art Studio, an art learning space + working art studio, located in downtown Redmond, Oregon.

I love sharing quality art materials and instruction with my community. Come enjoy our art classes for kids, teens and adults or peruse my artwork, prints and cards.

Hope to meet you soon!



Becky Becker

Art instructor

Hi I’m Becky. 

I have always loved painting and teaching. I have taught high school math for many years but am thrilled to get back to my first passion, art, while still getting to do what I love, teach. I am excited to learn, design, inspire, and create with young artists like my daughter who join Selva Art Studio. 

I can’t wait to meet you! 


Check out Becky's art here:


McKaylie Capps

Art Instructor

Hey, I'm Mckaylie! I work as a part time art teacher here at Selva Art Studio when I'm home from Biola University in LA. I have been enjoying art since I was in middle school, which has later lead me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in design. I have worked with kids since my early years in high school and I thoroughly love helping kids explore their creativity in art. My chosen medium is acrylic paint. Aside from painting, my favorite hobbies are spending time outside and exploring nature! 

- Mckaylie


Charlotte Wallace

Art instructor

Hello, I'm Charlotte and I have always been captivated by drawing! At a young age I was classically trained at Masters School of Art in Portland, OR. Since then, I have continued my art education through hundreds of hours spent practicing realistic portraiture, pencil drawing and pen + ink. I now run my own art business and teach classes here at Selva! When I'm not drawing, I sing, play guitar, dance, read, watch films and go hiking in the forest - and sometimes a combination of them all.

- Charlotte

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