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Experience the benefits of bringing art into your child's education.

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Studies show that art positively impacts our mental health. Taking time to create and be okay with getting messy helps our minds to relax. 

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After giving time for our minds to unwind and create, we are able to focus better on things outside of art class like school. ​

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Art is a mode of expression and not only helps us connect to ourselves but others too. 

art classes

art for kids!

Join our Dandelion Art For Kids program! We host weekly kids art classes, Summer Art Camps, Kids Night Out events and Birthday parties.  

Kids' Paintings
Young Painter

Art for teens

We are now offering art classes for students ages 12 to 18! Join our summer camps in July and August and our weekly classes in the fall!

Art for adults coming soon!

meet the Staff

Hey there!

I am Elsa DeChristopher, an artist, art instructor and the owner of Selva Art Studio, an art learning space + working art studio, located in downtown Redmond, Oregon.

Come enjoy our art classes for kids, teens and adults or peruse my artwork, prints and cards.

Hope to meet you soon!


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Hey, I'm Mckaylie! I work as a part time art teacher here at Selva Art Studio when I'm home from Biola University in LA. I have been enjoying art since I was in middle school, which has later lead me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in design. I have worked with kids since my early years in high school and I thoroughly love helping kids explore their creativity in art. My chosen medium is acrylic paint. Aside from painting, my favorite hobbies are spending time outside and exploring nature! 

- Mckaylie

Hello, I'm Mckaylah! I'm a volunteer here at Selva Art Studio! Besides volunteering for Selva Art classes each Wednesday evening, I am a full time student at Elton Gregory Middle School. I enjoy helping young kids learn to paint. I love exploring my creativity in art, especially in the areas of digital art and anime.

- Mckaylah

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