Selva fine art for kids

Welcome to our Selva Fine Art for Kids Program! We are launching this program in hopes of meeting the needs of our students who want to dive deeper into fine art! We will be offering weekly art classes throughout the year as well as offering "Open Studio" time to these students who want extra art time at the studio!

*These classes are for students aged 8-12 who are serious about improving their art. Our break time will be very short and there will be no games; this group is ready to focus!

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check out our regular membership plans!

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special plan just for this kids class

Fine Art Class +
Open studio!

Would your student benefit from coming to the studio more and getting advice on personal projects?

Choose our Aspiring Artist Membership Plan and your student can come to the studio to work on their own projects for an hour each week on Fridays, 4-5pm!

You can start this membership anytime and cancel anytime! We will be offering classes all year round!

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Book your Class

Join our weekly fine art class on Mondays, 4-5:30pm, starting October 31st 

Our Open Studio hours are on Fridays, 4-5pm, starting November 4th (only available for Aspiring Artist Members)

*Choose our Holiday Payment option ($59.00) at checkout.